Hello there, feel free to download my full resume: HERE

As a producer, I aim to be an organized, organizing and trustfull person who's reliable and who can provide true help for the other employees and for the company.

Here is a little presentation of my main skills, but feel free to ask for more info :

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Proficient in agile methods and tools (Jira, Confluence, Hacknplan, Trello, ...), I also did an internship in web project management.
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Communication and Marketing

I worked as a Community Manager at Darewise Entertainment, and I studied communication and marketing.
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Graphic Design

I'm able to produce graphic charters, marketing and branding assets, and I do also a bit of character design.

And here is about my experience :

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I did a web project management internship in Celsius Media in Sydney, and another internship as a community manager at Darewise Entertainment.
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School Projects

I worked as a producer on three successful first-year projects at my school, the Cnam-Enjmin. Feel free to learn more about them here or on my
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Game Jams

Learning how to work with different people with different skills, even for a short time, is my thing. So I did a few game jams that you can find on my